Code Triage

Did you know that hospitals uses special codes to address doctors during the emergency so that the situation does not create mass panic and avoid misunderstandings in the hospital among patients and visitors?

Well, I didn’t know until I read Code Triage, The Third Book in The Mercy Hospital series, written by Candace Calvert.

Code Triage is a very exhilarating and a moving Medical Fiction. It’s about Dr. Leigh Stathos. She works in the ER, and she’s usually emotionally detached from her patients. Her motto is treat em, street em, and she shed no tears or laugh with her patients. She’s the healing machine who works tirelessly to save lives.

One day, the unexpected happens. A single mother and her two children are admitted with carbon monoxide poisoning, and she soon discovered that this woman was the one who ruin her marriage. Things gets worst. The police officer who had been assigned to this case is none other than her ex-husband, Nick.

Leigh is determined to put the past and her marriage behind her, but when a gunman enters the hospital and opens fire and the hospital issues Code Triage, her emotional barriers are torn down as she and the ER team are forced to treat co-workers injured in the shooting – and the man who pulled the trigger.

I cried when I read this book. Why? Because I know how it feels like to be a wife who is forced to experience firsthand the infidelity of her husband and having third party in the marriage.

I felt for Leigh…how tortured it is to see other woman exists in your husband’s heart. It’s heart wrenching, and it’s a fate that I won’t even wish on the dogs on the street.

I couldn’t blame Dr. Leigh for feeling resentful towards the other woman and could not forgive the other woman. There’s a part where Leigh questioned the other woman if “Is sorry enough?” when the other woman apologized to her.

I feel for her. After all, that other woman did wreck her marriage, and for me… forgiveness does not come easy, especially when you’re just human and have been hurt by the one that you loved.

Imagine the one who swear before God to love you, to honour you, to protect you til the day you die breaks the vow that he made for another person, and left you for it, and protected the other person instead, uncaring of how you felt? I really can’t blame Leigh when she wants divorce and wants nothing but out of the marriage. It’s understandable that one wouldn’t want to be hurt by her loved one when she have an option not to continue hurting.

It is so emotional for me to read Code Triage. It reminds me of so many things, and made me reflect on choices many women have to make in this modern era where divorce is an option when a marriage crumbles.

In this book, the issue of ‘ripple’ effect of divorce is also discussed, and Leigh and Nick is forced to face it.

This book also made me think that during the hard times and when you’re betrayed, the only one you can depend is not human, but God. God will lead you into light, and will keep you safe. He knows what’s the best for you, and He made you see that sometimes, when bad things happens… it happens for a reason, and more often than not, it happens because He wants you to have faith in Him, and be closer to him.

Code Triage is not only a good story, but it’s also very close to home. I would recommend this to both wives, and also home-wreckers to read. A very touching and moving story. I rate this book 5 out of 5.

I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers for an advance reading as part of their bloggers review program . I was not required to write a positive review and therefore, the book review is 100% my own opinion.

Cleffairy:Homewreckers… God IS justice. Remember that. He shows nothing but truth. And if you ruin the lives of others, retributions will come without fail, and it’s just a matter of time til He make you feel what what you did to others. Hallelujah, God is great.


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4 Responses to Code Triage

  1. mamakucing says:


    It’s hard to forgive. People say time will heal all wound. It’s true. It will heal but it wont erase.

    Nevertheless, what wont kill you will only meakes you stronger

    • cleffairy says:

      As I said in my older post… I no longer forgive, and I no longer forget… and I just let God give me justice. I believe, when people wrong you, they will get retribution… it’s just a matter of time. Time may heal, but the scar will be there. And the scar will be a reminder of your pain. 😦

  2. Cheeyee says:

    I don’t think l want to read this book. Will make me emo too.

    • cleffairy says:

      Dun think you’ll be able to read without feeling hurt. Some books… will make us… feel so connected to the characters… it’s so close to home!

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