I like…

I like a lot of things in life…

I like love, but love don’t come easy. It hurts and it pained me beyond repair. It devastated me and it crushed me to the point I could not recognize myself in the mirror.

I like comfort, but not many offer me any… only God does… a being that could not possibly embrace me in His arms in person. *sigh* I wonder, if He’ll send me an angel to look after me, for I have come to realized that human will never shield me from evil and harm.

I like to be flattered, but flatteries don’t come easy, and never sincere.

I like to be kissed, but in my country, kissing in public is frowned upon and therefore… I think I’m out of practice and when I’m being kissed, I feel as if I’m suffocating. Does it suppose to feel this way? Kisses are supposed to be mind-blowing and leave us breathless in a good way, is it not?

I like to be adored, but admiration is as poor as irritation and annoyance is rich.

I like to be around people that I love, but why do I find myself inescapable from those who I resent?

I like freedom, but all I feel all these years is like a little bird with broken wings, unable to fly up high in the sky.

Oh yes… I like a lot of simple things in life… and yet… simple things are complicated to have.

Cleffairy: How do I explain to the world, that Romeo and Juliet is not a love story, but a tragedy, and almost a warning not to fall in love? How can I make people understand? I think I could not, with my throat being strangled by an invisible vice.


About cleffairy

Recently having fascination with ancient history.
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2 Responses to I like…

  1. kathy says:

    aisay…so many but geh

  2. Cheeyee says:

    Yalor, so many but de….. Sometimes it’s just the matter how we see it – Half full or half empty.

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