Captured by The Rogue Lord

Looking for a book for escapism? Wants some spicy, passionate, mind-blowing read with sexy, virile men who not only can seduce but is also a pirate in every sense of the word? Well then, if you’re looking for all those things,  Captured by The Rogue Lord by Katharine Ashe is for you. This book is sensational and mesmerizing. It’s also intriguing at many levels, and you wouldn’t want to miss this historical fiction gem. It was well written and it’s hard to put down, and by the time you finished reading, I can assure you that you would want a lord pirate of your own who would steal you away and romance you in every way possible.

I rate this book 4 out of 5, and I daresay this make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

From the back of the book:

Serena Carlyle dreams of a happily ever after.  Firmly upon the shelf at twenty-five, instead she’s determined to find the perfect match for her beautiful younger sister.  What better prospect than their neighbor, the wealthy, rakishly handsome Earl of Savege?  Now Serena can beg his help in halting a local band of smugglers.  Then, one night, stealing away from yet another disappointing ball, Serena finds herself trapped alone with a stranger…

His kiss was irresistible, his caress unforgettable, and he hids a devastating secret.  A Robin Hood upon the sea, Alex Savege is the brazen pirate Redstone, seizing the yachts of spoiled noblemen to settle an old debt.  Serena needs a hero, but her heart is in the greatest danger — for it is soon to be captured by a man as skilled at seduction as he is at plunder.

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