Find me a home, please…

A facebook friend of mine is helping her friend to find a good home for some cats/kittens, and I thought I’d help out abit by spreading the words.

See, this little fella and his litter mates… they need a new home badly. Their owner is giving them away because she can no longer afford to take care of them. I hope they can find a good home.

This little one was born and bred at home. It’s medium-long haired cat. His mother is dilute Calico, a real beauty. Poor little things, the owner said it’s getting out of her hands in terms of finance, so she’s hoping to give away some of her cats to cats lovers who will treat them well and give them a good home.

Anyone wants them? They are about 4 months. Every one of em are very friendly and playful, and they look just like this one above.

If you or your friends  are in Kuala Lumpur/Klang valley and wants to give some of those poor little things a loving family and a good home, please do not hesitate to contact  her at:

Please feel free to spread the words too.

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