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Find me a home, please…

A facebook friend of mine is helping her friend to find a good home for some cats/kittens, and I thought I’d help out abit by spreading the words. See, this little fella and his litter mates… they need a new … Continue reading

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The Best of Jalan Tukang Emas (Goldsmith Street)

You know what I hate most about Malaysians? Well, most of them, especially the ones who are working with the government have absolutely no respect for people’s time, plans and appointment. You see… I would not… definitely would not consider … Continue reading

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4 Interesting Facts Explaining Why LSU Tigers Wear White Football Jerseys during Home Games

LSU tigers wear white football jerseys during home games because of these four interesting facts: On the championship game they won in 1958, on New Rules implemented in 1982, on fighting the good fight, on the tradition that continues with … Continue reading

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4 Standard Requirements of an Authentic Organic Mattress

Organic materials, toxin free, natural manufacturing, and National Association of Organic Mattress Industry certification are the generally required organic standards of an authentic organic mattress. Organic mattresses are often confused with natural mattresses. All organic mattresses are naturally made but … Continue reading

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5 Effective Suggestions to Make Floors Less Slippery

Floor accidents can be avoided when the floor is less slippery. Here are five product suggestions you can use to make your floors less slippery: Slip NoMor, Skid Safe Water Based Sealer, Floorsafe Add-a-grip, Magnesium and water solution, and Globe … Continue reading

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8 Tips for Buying Awesome Baby Shower Gifts

Before ever buying a single gift for a baby shower, carefully go over these helpful tips: ask the host if there is a gift registry, consider giving disposable diapers, determine the need to give pacifiers and bottles, think of giving … Continue reading

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6 Useful Tips when Buying Baby Pacifiers

Here are some suggestions in buying baby pacifiers: Limit your pacifier purchases before baby arrives, never improvise, rounded pacifiers or orthodontic pacifiers, silicone pacifiers vs. latex pacifiers, features to look for and avoid in a pacifier, and check for pacifier … Continue reading

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6 Delightful Gift Ideas that Newborn Babies and Toddlers will Surely Love

If you want to give something really fascinating and memorable to a newborn baby or a toddler, you can give personalized gifts; check out easy-to-make baby presents; look for some RBW items for newborn babies; find some interesting costumes and … Continue reading

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3 Benefits of an Ethical Will and the Persons Who Can Write One

People who are approaching death as well as those who are healthy, but would like to be prepared in case of untimely death, benefit from drawing up an ethical will for these three benefits:  aids in estate planning; serves as … Continue reading

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Birth Chart Accuracy for Those Born by Caesarean Section

Birth charts of those born by caesarian section are as accurate as to those delivered normally. However, this is not true all the time due to physiological reasons and in cases of induced delivery. Babies born by caesarian section have … Continue reading

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