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Stitch me up!

I haven’t been sleeping nights lately, cuz I still can’t get rid of the goddamn nightmare I’ve been having. I thought of writing something over here, but I am too pissed over something to gather coherence thoughts, and so, I … Continue reading

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Til death do us apart?

Two of my favourite blogging buddies today talks about relationship. Or rather sex and marriage. Calvin talks about marriage. Pete talks about some sex potion that can make you as ‘strong as Superman’. Both gave me good laugh and good … Continue reading

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TWILIGHT SAGA- Movie& Novel Summary

Do away with Antoo Fighters- Amukan Drakulat, and even Harry Potter. Bring me Edward Cullen to feast my eyes upon. Who, says you? Oh… I’m talking about Twilight the movie main character, Edward Cullen, a dashingly handsome immortal vampire who … Continue reading

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Blue Danube Waltz

It’s weekend again, folks, and I’m almost delirious with fever. It must be the rain I or the weather must have disagreed with me, or my bloody novel is getting into my system. I had wanted to write about something … Continue reading

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May I have this dance? Waltz with me?

I was pissed off earlier with the news where a bloody police head discourage people from singing national anthem in his statement. It’s depressing for me to think that there are people who think that national anthem should not be … Continue reading

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GOssip for a cause, Go-Celebrate

I don’t usually attend events, unless it’s really for a good cause…because I’m pretty much of a crowd hater, and huge and noisy crowds never failed to give me horrible headaches. I actually almost missed the GOssip- GO Celebrate, because … Continue reading

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Latte@8 ep.3, Sunway Pyramid

Pardon the awkward timing of this article. Actually, I thought of writing about this when I came back from watching Latte@8 live in Sunway Pyramid, but I’ve been contemplating to do so because I found that there’s nothing much I … Continue reading

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5 Smart Tips for Buying Rock Shirts

When buying rock shirts, you need to decide on the details you want for your shirt, visit different websites, take a look around specialty shops, shop within your budget, and look out for great deals. Buying rock shirts sounds really … Continue reading

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