4 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Wrought Iron Gates and Railings

To reuse your old wrought iron gates and railings you can hang them as a headboard to decorate bedrooms, hang photographs on them, install them on the ceiling as a decorative pot rack, and install them in the garden as a trellis or border.

Whether it is used as a gate, railing or post, there is a certain charm and elegance about wrought iron material. If you have Los Angeles iron works and wrought iron pieces that have outlived their usefulness or you discovered some in salvage yards and thrift stores, there are many design ideas which you can follow in order to reuse these items, including:

Use as a headboard to decorate bedrooms

You can hang a piece of your wrought iron railing behind your bed for a charming headboard that be a great accent piece to break the monotony of walls and complement the room’s design schemes. Dark metal wrought iron pieces can accentuate rooms with a red, green and gold color scheme. Use white and weathered iron work as a headboard to decorate cozy cottage-themed rooms because their shabby chic look will make the cottage-themed room more delightful. You can achieve the shabby chic look for the wrought iron piece yourself by painting it white and then sanding off some portions of it to give it a slightly worn out look.

Use it to hang photographs

You can also hang wrought iron piece on the wall as a backdrop or base for hanging picture frames. Hang the wrought iron section in such a way that its bars are running horizontally and then use hooks to attach the photographs on the horizontal bars. Arrange the frames and photographs in random order for a playful look.

Install a piece on the ceiling as a decorative pot rack

A wrought iron piece can be both decorative and functional as well. Use one on the kitchen as a pot rack. You can install a section of the wrought iron gate or railing parallel to the ceiling, and with a few added hooks, hang mugs, pots and pans on it. You can also paint the pot rack to match the colors of the room or leave it as it is for an antique look.

Install it in the garden as a trellis or border

Wrought iron pieces also look great in a garden setting and will stand out from the rest of the lush green. Use your old wrought iron gate or a piece of the railing as a trellis for vines to grow on. To prevent it from falling over, make sure to stick the wrought iron deep enough into the ground. You can also use some sections of wrought iron railings as a border around a flower bed. The wrought iron pieces will serve as a decoration to liven up the landscape and keep children, animals and other intruders from walking onto the flower bed. You don’t have to worry if the wrought iron sections you use are of different size and conditions because the unconventional design will give a more unique twist.

Wrought iron pieces have an innate beauty and charm that you can use and reuse in many ways.

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