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Too much romance

I’ve always loved fairy tales, with handsome prince and adorable princesses getting married and stuff. But these days, fairy tales and dramas seems to be a tad disgusting for me. It consist of old man courting and proposing marriage to … Continue reading

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Raise, raise and raise again!!!

This article was taken from The Star Malaysia, 30th July 2008 PUTRAJAYA: The Government has agreed to increase stage and express bus fares but has not decided on the quantum. Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development Minister Datuk Noh Omar said the … Continue reading

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5 Fun Ways to Meet Singles in Your Area

If you want to meet singles in your area, check out dating services, search online social networks and other search engines, hang around with friends at clubs and coffee shops in your area, join local organizations, and get involved in … Continue reading

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7 Important Things You Need to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

To ensure a smooth-sailing bathroom remodeling project, you might want to do the following before getting started: know the degree of change you want for your bathroom, determine your budget, decide whether you need to hire a contractor or can … Continue reading

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8 Things to Ask Contractors to Guarantee Successful Bathroom Remodeling

These are the basic questions you need to know about before starting your bathroom remodeling project to ensure quality of work and success of the project: the contractor’s license and insurance, references, a time table and daily schedule, how much … Continue reading

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5 Fresh Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Here are five fresh ideas to consider when remodeling your bathroom: make the tub the focal point, position a clawfoot tub diagonally, have a cantilevered counter top with a double sink, install a wainscot, and provide a closet for your … Continue reading

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8 Important Things to Accomplish Before Remodeling Your Home

Before starting a remodeling project for your home, there are a few important details to attend to: make a sketch of your dream, gather information from others, come up with the right forecast, consider your budget, select a suitable workforce, … Continue reading

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6 Helpful Tips for Finding the Best Home Improvement Contractor

You can find the best home improvement contractor by simply following these helpful tips: ask friends for recommendations, visit home improvement shops, refer to the reviews found online, look through your prospective contractor’s web site, gather several choices of service … Continue reading

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5 Useful Hints for Designing a Sunroom

When designing a sunroom, consider these useful hints so you will have the best layout: establish its purpose, fix your mind on whether to go for a DIY or hire a professional, gather a wide selection of designs from various … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Find and Hire the Right Contractor for Your Deck Project

To find and hire the right contractor for your deck project, all you have to do is ask for recommendations, conduct comprehensive research, phone or meet with the contractors, ask for references, and choose the best contractor for your. A … Continue reading

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