3 Effective Tips in Storing White Gas Fuel to Last for Many Years

Stored white gas fuel will last for many years when you store it in the appropriate and sealed store vessels, place it in the coolest temperature possible, and not mix it with any unnecessary additives.

White gas are volatile substance which is at the same time an effective fuel source. If you want to store your white gas for a longer period of time, take note of the following steps to be able to still effectively used it:

Store in appropriate and sealed store vessels

Do not use any stove fuel bottles to keep white gas  for longer periods. Instead, pour the fuel back into its original metal container and allow the bottles to air-dry. Utilize fuel bottles that are checked and approved such as MSR fuel bottles which are made from a single piece of impact extruded aluminum. It prevents leaks and cracks when storing white gas. Use containers that are designed to have a thicker aluminum base and shoulders to resist bulging when pressurized. Never store white gas fuel in any food container or bottles for water. Always seal and check the  container of the white g often to prevent corrosion on the metal. Also, return the fuel cap bottle when done cooking using this type of.  Most stoves use sealed and pressurized caps, yet, it’s not safe to say that the pumps’ moving parts are reliable at all times.

Place it in the coolest temperature possible

Unopened containers which stores white gas provides the longest storage time. It will store in the can for two to five years, depending on the temperature. The cooler the temperature the better it gets stored. With temperature under sixty Fahrenheit or fifty Fahrenheit, you can store white gas fuel for at least five to ten years.

Do not add any unnecessary additives

Do not put any stabilizers on your white gas to keep it longer, unless you are storing it for small engines. If you are storing it for fuel lamps and camping stoves, never put any stabilizer as this will corrode the stove or the lamp’s fuel mechanism.

Keep white gas in a cool and dry environment. Remember to place the fuel in a place away from a heat source, direct sunlight or from electrical wiring. Always follow the effective tips to ensure the efficiency of the white gas fuel that you are storing for the longest time possible. With this guaranteed storing tips  you can save money and ensure safety.

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